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Let us optimize your conversions

You're already receiving targeted traffic on your webshop or website but believe that you're not getting the most out of it? Do you want to increase your average order value, or do you wonder why your website visitors bail in the last phase of your order process? If you're struggling with these kinds of questions, then it's time to start working with a conversion-rate optimization specialist.

Conversion Rate Optimization

What is conversion-rate optimization (CRO)?

Plenty of factors can affect the behavior of your potential customer. Think of the color of buttons, content, usability of your search functionality, or your order process. By indexing the performance of your website and determining the effectiveness of various pages, you'll be able to identify which criteria are important for your users. How do they behave, what are their needs, and why do they bail? Which website elements deserve more attention, and how do we address bottlenecks? We call this whole process conversion-rate optimization: to build your website in such a way that its users convert.

Conversion optimization is a good way to generate more revenue from returning visitors. You can achieve growth by buying media, or by identifying your website's bottlenecks and implementing a plan to address them.

Is conversion optimization interesting for everyone?

Definitely. Any business will benefit from studying the flow or customer journey on your website. But to determine if changing a certain website element will affect any key metrics, requires your website to have sufficient visitors. This means that there needs to be plenty of raw data in your analytics solution (e.g., Google Analytics). Runni Mar 15, 2026 Domain renew by Mar 10, 2026 ? ng experiments will start to get interesting when you have a minimum of 200 conversions or 6.000 sessions per month. To determine how to approach a conversion optimization project for your organization, we use the following maturity model.

Conversion Optimization

It is natural that companies grow in the maturity model. Are you not yet achieving the minimum amount of conversions or sessions? Webfluentia can help there, too. The results that we acquire through web analysis, heatmaps, and sessions-recording analysis can contribute to increasing your conversions.

How we work

Conversion optimization is always a custom solution. Every website has its unique usage statistics which will be analyzed. We do, of course, maintain a structured approach.

Conversion Rate Optimization at Work

First, you'll receive a CRO report. This contains bottlenecks and recommendations for improvements on your website, based on the results obtained via an initial quantitative and qualitative (data-driven) research. We'll come up with tests which we think can improve your metrics and specify when these tests can be scheduled to take place.

To prioritize testing we maintain the PIE model. We do this through a point system. This means that we'll score the test based on Potential, degree of Impact, and Ease of implementation. Based on the score that results from this, we determine the testing strategy best fit for your business.

When the test results are significant, you'll receive a CRO report. This contains all the recommendations and results from the tests that were performed. This is a document that you can directly forward to your development party. A report with the goal of increasing your website's conversion rate!

When a test has been completed by the development party, then a new test can be deployed. That's why streamlined communication between you, your development party, and Webfluentia is very important! Of course, you can also ask us to handle the development/modifications of your website.

Can we increase your conversions?

Work with Webfluentia to get the best results of your conversion-rate optimization project.

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