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Let us keep track across all devices

How people browse before they buy has significantly changed over the last years. To be able to effectively use internet marketing for all your relevant channels, it is essential to map your customer's online journey. However, it doesn't end there. Remember that consumers also use different devices during their online journey towards a purchase.

It is likely that, before someone makes a purchase, they have been browsing and gathering information through a variety of different channels and on different devices. They could be sitting on the couch with a tablet browsing for product variations, possibly signing up for a newsletter to stay updated. Your follow-up newsletter might be opened on a smartphone. And there's a high chance that they'll eventually use a desktop or laptop to make the final purchase. Bottomline: people are no longer just consuming media from channel to channel, but also from device to device. We call this 'cross-device'.

Cross Device Tracking

The right message at the right time, for every device

These developments lead to two challenges that we need to take into account. To realize the fastest route to conversion we need to make sure that:

We send the right message: The information requirement of potential customers who are browsing via smartphone is completely different than that of customers who are searching on a desktop or laptop. That's why it's important to make sure that the message, promotional materials, and content match with the device that is currently being used. If you show content that is too long or time-consuming for someone using a smartphone, the likelihood of conversion and interaction will be low!

We send it at the right time: The second challenge is to recognize a particular person on a device. That's because we need to prevent that this person continuously receives the same message on different devices. This can happen when there is a mismatch between browsing behavior on, for example, a smartphone or tablet.

Cross Device Marketing

We'll keep track across all devices

We can take care of your entire online marketing trajectory. This includes cross-device marketing and tracking potential customers, serving promotional content at just the right time according to the online customer journey, and across all devices.

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