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Let us shape the optimal path to your conversion

You'll want to shape the path to your conversions in the best way possible, in order to realize these conversions for the right costs or with the highest ROI or ROAS. To do so, it's important to understand how your target audience is orienting online and which channels they use to educate themselves. This means that you'll need to map your customer's online journey in order to achieve the maximum online yield. Which websites and platforms does your (potential) customer visit? And what is the ideal path to a conversion? This is where the online customer journey comes in!

Relevancy is essential

The time when you were able to persuade consumers to do a purchase through a simple newsletter has passed. Nowadays, you can only compete for your potential customer's attention, when you're relevant always and everywhere. A message in a newsletter must be tailored to its recipient, only then will they take action. A perfect tuning to your customer's profile is therefore essential to successful email marketing!

Online Customer Journey

Use your data!

Your customers provide you with a wealth of information. Unfortunately, organizations don't always use this data to their advantage. Take order history as an example. You know exactly which products and brands your customer is a fan of. In addition, you have the average order value of your web store at your disposal and can find out exactly which type of information, promotions, and products your potential customer is sensitive to. It would be a missed opportunity to not use this data! Luckily, the specialists of Webfluentia can help.

E-mail marketing within the customer journey

Webfluentia works within the See-Think-Do-Care framework to serve and convince your customer in each phase of their customer journey. Email marketing is a channel that is focused on the Care phase. Through email marketing, you can keep in touch with your customer, build a relationship with them, and stimulate repeat purchases. Email marketing, when deployed with display advertising (See phase), SEO (Think phase), and Retarget (Do phase), can be a powerful combination where your (potential) customer comes in contact with your organization, brand, or product across their entire customer journey. Webfluentia can give you tailored advice.

Email marketing by Webfluentia

Webfluentia knows like no other how to roll out digital marketing tactics successfully. Based on the promotional calendar, we work out an email marketing plan, where we not only focus on writing emails that trigger your customer to take action but also on creative content around events like your customer's birthday. We can also provide you with specialized advice about management and expansion of your email database. A strategy from A to Z!

Get started with your online customer journey

Work with Webfluentia to get the best results from your digital marketing project. Our digital marketing specialists can map out your user's online journey and shape the best path to their conversion, then convert them into loyal customers.

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