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Let us get the most out of your data

Data is often the starting point of your free consultation, because it forms the input of the tools that we work with. Is data available? And if so, what kind of data is it? Is the data structured? And which KPIs will we work with? Your KPIs are basically a grand overview of your data, and the input for your KPIs is gathered through digital analytics solutions. The most important advantages of having a structured approach to your web analytics are:

  • Discover important patterns
  • Gain insight about performance
  • Optimize processes

What can web analytics do for you?

Analytics is discovering, interpreting and eventually communicating meaningful patterns in data. Thanks to digital (web) analytics we are able to create data and insights about the performance of campaigns, online consumer behavior, and specific goals. For example, we can calculate the return on ad spend per customer, campaign, or domain. These insights form the basis for optimizing predetermined KPIs and making data-driven business decisions.

Web Analytics

The components of web analytics

We specialize in the following areas and, depending on your goals, may use a combination of these analytics tools to achieve optimal results.

  • Data insights
  • Dashboards (Google Data Studio)
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Conversion optimization
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Data Studio
  • Conversion attribution

How we implement digital analytics

In-depth knowledge and proper implementation of analytics are essential to get optimal results from your online investments. Web analytics can help you gather the right insights and allows you to adjust your strategy based on these insights. We usually implement analytics solutions by following these steps:

  • Interview with an analytics specialist where we discuss your ambitions, business goals, and online targets.
  • Analysis and audit of your current analytics implementation to determine the data quality.
  • Determine which data we need to gather and formulate the KPIs, then document these in a web measurement plan.
  • Describe the technical changes needed to gather the needed data, as well as describe how to implement these changes.
  • Implement your new analytics setup (optionally with use of Google Tag Manager) including reports and dashboards (optionally with use of Google Data Studio).

Level up your analytics game

Are you ready to take your data to the next level? A robust tracking setup makes it possible to sharpen your strategy, optimize your customer's online journey, and achieve the best results. We ensure all your data points are being tracked and that reports & benchmarks are clearly defined. Whether you're looking for an audit, an overhaul of your setup, or a customized reporting dashboard, our specialists will ensure that you get the most out of your data.

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